Daddy Raw Dick Urges

Photo of Daddy  Raw Dick Urges
Photo of Daddy  Raw Dick Urges

Is anything better than two daddies having hot, raw sex? Yes, if it's two hot daddy tops plowing and throating the heck out of another hot daddy. This is XXX-actly what you get with this simply sexy equation of "two's company, but three's a perfect crowd of daddy flesh, cock, and holes"! It's even hotter knowing that handsome, hairy and hung Hassan could top either one of these big-dicked bros of his, Verdi and Fierron. But he can just as happily be their full-service, daddy-dick filling station in both of his daddy holes. Now, that's great service!

Categories: Bareback, Bears, Big Cock, Daddy Tops Daddy, Group / 3-Way, Hairy, Over 70
Details: Feb 2, 2024 22 min
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron
Photo of Hassan
Photo of Verdi

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