Daddy Bear Stretched My Hole

Photo of Daddy Bear Stretched My Hole
Photo of Daddy Bear Stretched My Hole

Sex between men is about simple arithmetics. As in one dude needs to fuck another; how much older is the daddy versus how much younger is the boy; and, perhaps most importantly (and hotly), how big is a top's cock versus how small is a bottom's hole. Now, what we have here easily answers those basic man-sex equations with Constanzo as the daddy bear top with an almost immeasurably large cock readily penetrating bottom boy Alessandro's measurably tiny pucker. Last basic? A huge dad dick in a boy's little butt always equals fuck-pucker stretched into a state of pure dicked bliss.

Categories: Bareback, Bears, Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscle Boy
Details: Mar 17, 2024 22 min
Photo of Alessandro
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron

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