Hairy Fuckers

Photo of Hairy Fuckers
Photo of Hairy Fuckers

They say hairy men are especially virile. Whether that is true would take a lot of pairing of hirsute males to plow each other. We have the desire and the dudes. But for the sake of brevity, we offer one great example of two gorilla-furry guys to try and prove the theory is correct. Once they strip down and reveal their fur, the barefucking takes over fast. With hot and hung Fierron fiercely pounding Kaled's gorgeous ass. When the fantastic fucking was over, did being hairy matter to the men or us? All we can say is we will keep on testing until we know for sure!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Tops Daddy, Hairy, Over 60
Details: Apr 7, 2024 21 min
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron
Photo of Kaled

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