Daddy Fucks My Bear Ass

Photo of Daddy Fucks My Bear Ass
Photo of Daddy Fucks My Bear Ass

Some worry that when the mighty are toppled, it's a bad thing. But in some cases, it can be a wonderful thing. This is one of those instances. Fierron is a big-dicked daddy who tops men masterfully. It's hard to imagine the sexy bear otherwise. However, in a setup right out of David and Goliath, you have Ernesto, a smaller-framed man but just as endowed and who just as mightily plows other men. Of all ages and sizes. So, when he topples and tops bigger Fierron, it's not the usual larger man boning the smaller man. It's the other way around, and a great, big, very wonderful thing!

Categories: Bears, Big Cock, Blowjob
Details: May 7, 2024 24 min
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron
Photo of Daddy Ernesto
Daddy Ernesto

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